Sturdiness and Durability with a Panerai Luminor Replica

Panerai Luminor Crohograph CopyLuxury watches are expensive not only because of the brand names that they carry with them. Naturally, the equity of these luxury brands is so high because these brands make watches more than just devices that can tell the time. In wearing a luxury watch on your wrist you’re elevated into a status that not everyone can reach. Aside from this however, luxury watches are truly made with the precision and quality that no ordinary wristwatch can match. Luxury watches operate under the principle that if sturdiness and durability is what you want, then you have to be willing to pay the price. Panerai is known for its brand name, which has been elevated to global recognition since its beginnings in 1860. Panerai’s watches have long been known for their sturdiness and durability, and to understand exactly why, you have to take a peek into Panerai’s history.

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The Brand - Luminor Panerai Replica

OfficinePanerai, the manufacturer of Panerai watches, was founded in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai. Although their headquarters is where the company was founded, the watches are being manufactured in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Panerai watches are generally the common choice of sportspeople and those with great passion to luxury timepieces. As Luminor Marina is designed for navy use, it features high range water resistance, just as several other Panerai models. The Panerai brand is basically synonymous with remarkable watch craftsmanship and shock resistance. These are perhaps the reasons why so many people choose to have Panerai replica – Luminor Marina, power reserve watches. While a genuine Panerai would generally costs you around $4,000, a Panerai Luminor Marina replica can be purchased for $200 to $400.



Officine Panerai

Panerai Luminor FakeThe Officine Panerai was initially founded in Italy, specifically Florence. Giovanni Panerai was the patriarch and founder of a family business that built itself on principles of quality and durability. Perhaps the most famous legacy of the Officine Panerai is that it became the Royal Italian Navy’s official supplier. The Navy needed watches that were sturdy and durable enough to be used in war, and Panerai rose to that challenge. It came up with the watches that the Navy needed, and the Luminor is only one of them.


The Luminor

When the Panerai Luminor was created in the early 1940s, it was created because of the Navy’s need for a reliable water-resistant watch that can be used hundreds of feet underwater. The name comes from the patented luminous substance Luminor, which is based on tritium and which enabled the Navy to read time in the darkness of the ocean. Water-resistant for 300 meters, the Panerai Luminor has a power reserve of 56 hours and is equipped with an anti-shock device. It is only made of the finest materials to ensure that it lasts tough conditions. Its case and bezel are both made of polished stainless steel or brushed titanium, and there’s a device made of either brushed steel or titanium protecting the crown.


The Navy’s Watch

Panerai Power ReserveAll of these aspects have truly made the Panerai Luminor known as the Navy’s watch, and owning this watch therefore is something a lot more special than owning an ordinary luxury watch. With all of its features that attest to its sturdiness and durability, naturally this watch comes with a price. The advantage of getting a replica Luminor is that you don’t have to worry about this price. Really good replica Panerai Luminor watches are more expensive than your ordinary watch, but at least they give you the ability to access such a high-class watch with a famous brand name for only a tiny fraction of what the original cost. With a good quality knockoff Panerai Luminor you get all the features that make the Luminor unique, even if you don’t necessarily have the money to pay for the original.